Shervin Mehryar

Shervin is an Electrical Engineer from University of Toronto and Master of Applied Science (MASc) from Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT). His research interests include intersection of communication and information theory, statistical inference and algorithm design. As a lead Engineer at UofTDevelopers, Shervin designs and overseas the complete development process of software including mobile and web apps. Whether a mobile app (or web app) involves complex voice recognition, image processing, signal processing or databases, he comes up with an efficient algorithm for that project.

Qaiser Aftab

Qaiser is an Electrical and Computer Engineer from University of Toronto and minor in Engineering Business. He works on all aspects of the project including User Experience Design (UED), software design and software development. He has worked on a number of mobile app and web programming projects with applications ranging from dynamic database driven websites to home automation mobile apps.
Qaiser studied marketing and competitive strategy at University of Toronto which continues to prove invaluable during idea generation, competitive strategy and planning stages.
Qaiser's personal web page

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To be the most trusted, honest and innovative mobile app development company in Toronto. This will be achieved by being honest advisors to our clients and helping them grow their business.


At UofTDevelopers, we believe that people of this planet have just started to integrate technology into their everyday lives. Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets are just the beginning of nomadic computing. We are moving towards connecting everything around us through internet. Home automation, robotics, wearable computing and augmented reality are some technologies that we'll interact with on daily basis in near future. The need for quality and excellent user experience design will increase with increasing devices. We believe in working on a limited number of projects to focus on every detail and create lasting solutions.