Web App Development

What is a web app?

Modern web browsers are capable of running client-side codes that make Internet browser an interface for apps, for e.g., Google Maps and Yahoo Mail. Therefore modern websites are increasingly used to capture, store, process and transmit user data for instant use. Websites that do more than information display(text and images) are called Web Apps. Features such as shopping carts and online ordering systems are instances of web apps.

Web apps vs static websites

Whenever you are on a webpage, ask yourself, “Does it do something?” if it is performing a function, then it’s a web app. Google’s search engine is also a web app. If a website is not performing any kind of task or processing, most probably it is not a web app. It is important to distinguish between Web Apps and static websites as cost of implementation of a Web App is normally higher than a static website.

Versatile apps

  • ♦ Web Apps are independent of platform. They can be accessed from any device with an internet browser(windows/MAC/iphone/ipad/android etc).
  • ♦ User always has the most up-to-date app on his machine by just typing a URL, no downloads are required
  • ♦ URL of a web app can be bookmarked on user's device and he can access it just like a native apps.
  • ♦ Web Apps are ideal for users who use more than one device.e.g. Desktop PC, laptop,tablet etc. If they use native app, they'll have to install it on all devices.