Web Design

“Creativity is making the complicated simple.” --Charles Mingus

Three approaches to web design

Template websites

Various Content Management Systems (CMS) offer website templates that can get your website up and running within few days. This is by far the quickest way to get a web presence. However, template websites have significant drawbacks and limitations, and they are often not the ideal choice for businesses.

Using Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress you can get your website up and running without the need to hire a web developer. You can easily find a number of free or cheap templates that correspond to the kind of website you want to build. The cost is your time which you’ll spend understanding the template, which varies depending on how tech savvy you are. If you are looking to build a personal website or blog, then this is probably a good way to get started. Once you start using your website, you’ll have a better idea about new features that you want to incorporate in your website and you can then hire a web developer to incorporate the additional functionality into your website.

At Affable Technology Solutions, we mostly deal with business websites. Templates of business websites need to be understood before they can be incorporated in the CMS. Businesses that do not have a tech savvy employee, who can spend the time to learn the CMS, dig down in the template code and understand it, are our customers. Even if you plan to do no customization on the template you bought, there is a strong probability that when you install the template and start putting in your content, you’ll need to do some customization. E.g. your logo might be square while the template looks good only on rectangular logo. Such a situation will need you to hire a web developer, thus increasing your total cost (you spent the time of your employee plus paid the web developer).

This is the cheapest alternative and at Affable Technology Solutions, we can get you a simple template website for under $1000. To make your life easier, we provide free web hosting for first few months, setup google analytics and advice on search engine optimization (SEO).

Customized template websites

Content Management Systems (CMS) templates are still used,however, our developers dig inside the code and modify them to include all the features required by your business website. CMS, such as WordPress, allow clients to keep their website updated with new images and content. These websites allow businesses some degree of differentiation from their competitors and a decent presence on the internet.

This is the middle ground between a template website and a custom designed website. Here we take a good business website template and modify the code to include all the functionality that your business website requires. We code some pages of the website and modify others as required.

Looks like we got everything, so what is the drawback?
Drawback is that the website is still using a template. The layout of website (and its aesthetics), for the most part, remain the same. Also, there might be limitations on how much the template can be modified. Moreover, the Search Engine Optimization might not be as effective as can be done in a custom coded website. Nonetheless, customized template website is an attractive option for businesses who want their website to have a decent presence on the web. Unlike template websites where we were able to put a price range, we cannot put a price range for customized template websites as scope of every project is different.

Custom website design

These websites are specially designed for your business. The code is written from scratch taking into account the specifics of the content (text and images) that will be on the website. These websites offer a number of advantages over template websites; however, the main drawback is the cost.

    These are the websites that closely reflect your brand or business.
  • The color scheme of your logo is followed throughout the website
  • Website layout is designed the way your images and content looks best,
  • The look of website is unique
  • these websites are very fast as they have no extra code (only the code for your website)
  • they show high on google as there code structure is designed to represent your content
  • They are scalable ,i.e. new functionality can be added
  • Less prone to errors (as there are no errors from CMS plugins)
    The drawback is development time and cost
  • Client describes the kind of website he wants
  • Search and benchmark some good websites
  • Graphic designer designs the layout
    • A number of designs for each page are created by the graphic designer. Revisions need to be made before settling on a design for a page.
    • The designs need to be approved by the client to begin development
  • Web developer codes the layout
    • Once the design is approved by the client, the developer takes over from graphic designer and codes the website.
    • It take around one full business day to code a single unique page. However, not every page is unique (e.g. pages describing subcategories of services might all have same layout, which means one page is required for services).